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Vacuum Nozzles

Ecojet vacuum nozzles


The ECOJET suction nozzle is a wing and motorless pressure jet nozzle without any movement elements and is therefore almost maintenance-free. Predestined for use in the automotive, chemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, paint and food industries, the ECOJET performance spectrum ranges from aeration and ventilation to suction, cooling, drying, transport and conveying through to spraying and atomisation. The suction nozzle, which is characterised by its light weight and simple connection and installation options, is designed primarily for the aeration and ventilation of tanks, containers and pipelines in which problematic media are conveyed. Sticky and resinified products can also be transported over long distances if appropriate pipelines and hoses are used. The adjustment of flow volume and speed is infinitely variable and allows exact design for the application. In addition, the nozzles are ideally suited as selection aids for aspirating and extracting liquids, dusts, granulates, small chemical, pharmaceutical, medical and food products.




Your quality advantage!

  • Extremely low compressed air consumption
  • All stainless steel (including nozzles)
  • Compact design, therefore very mobile
  • Low wear costs
  • Very light weight
  • Output infinitely variable



Ecojet vacuum nozzle



   Airjet compressed air fan



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