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Maintenance and repair work with safety


KRAHNEN Service:
guaranteed longevity, safety and quality for your devices

Devices, which are used in hazardous areas, need a regular and professional monitoring and testing. Our trained and certified customer service technicians provide for professional inspections and maintenance within the scope of the BetrSichV. Due to different operating times and areas of application, we offer individual solutions according to requirements.

Maintenance is carried out on the basis of the following standards and technical rules for machine safety:

Parts of the MRL 2006/42/EC, parts of the risk assessment EN ISO 12100-1 (cross-check procedure)
Explosion protection: Parts of EN DIN 1127-1 consideration  Para. 5.3.2 / Para. / Para. 5.3.7
TRGS 727 (Avoidance of ignition hazards due to electrostatic charges)
The recurring technical inspection regarding BetrSichV §15 specified by TRBS 1201 part 1 and §10 specified by TRBS 1203 part 3.1 is documented by our experienced and trained customer service technicians carried out and accordingly.

Of course we will only exchange necessary spare parts in coordination with the customer's contact person. Material and work costs will be charged in the maintenance report listed, signed by the customer and correspondingly. Devices in proper condition receive a test sticker with the next test date and a test certificate for the respective device number. At regular intervals, we contact the responsible contact person to ensure compliance with the inspection intervals. Every year, we are audited by the notified body DEKRA EXAM (0158) in the area of quality assurance production so that we can guarantee you the best possible level of service.

1. inspection / maintenance

  • Electrical devices: one to two yearly Intervals 
  • Non-electrical equipment: once yearly
  • Replacement of wear and spare parts as required

2. Maintenance Plus

  • Electrical appliances: every 3 years
  • Non-electrical equipment: every 4 years
  • Standard replacement of safety-related wear and spare parts

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Customer service

Tel: +49 (0) 221 / 681006
Fax: +49 (0) 221 / 681003